What is paper makeup?

Designed by professional makeup artist, Mai Tran, Mai Couture Papiers harness the ancient Chinese secret of applying papers saturated with colored cosmetics to paint the face in a subtle, yet glamorous way. Translating this Asian art form into modern day, Mai Couture Papiers are expertly formulated to remove excess facial oil—allowing makeup applications to last longer and make touch-ups a breeze. Mai Couture Papiers are the mess-free, portable solution for women on the go.

Do I replace paper makeup with my makeup compacts?

No. Mai Couture is an extension of your existing makeup collection. It's the most convenient  way to touch-up while traveling or on-the-go. 

Are the products shimmery or glittery?

We use very refined shimmer that gives your skin a healthy natural glow. It’s a beautiful sheen without looking shimmery or glittery.

Can I use Mai Couture products over other products?

Yes. Our products are best used over worn makeup.

Can I use the paper more than once?

The papers are hypoallergenic and designed to use just once for sanitary reasons. Dirt and oil from your skin will transfer to the paper so it is best to dispose of after each use to maintain a clean, healthy complexion. However, you can tear sheets in halves for more usage.

Can I use this on bare skin?

For best results, use over worn makeup. 

Can I use these papers with a brush?

Yes, you can apply the product directly from the paper or by using a brush. The brush picks up just enough powder from the paper so you no longer have to tap off the excess.

Do I need the full sheet of blush for one application?

Half a sheet has enough pigment for both cheeks. Using a full sheet allows for greater color pay-off.

Do the products work on dry skin?

We recommend the pigmented papers on dry skin. The ingredients in the formula help brighten dull skin instantly.

How do I achieve a more intense color?

Our formulas are sheer and buildable. For more intense color, simply apply more pressure or add additional layers of color, if needed. 

How do I get an even application with the foundation papers?

Gently pat, sweep, and blend the powdered side of paper throughout the face. When the powder is completely transferred to the skin, use the paper to buff out any uneven powder deposits.

How lightweight are the products?

Every booklet weighs 0.5oz or less.

How long will the formula last?

Makeup tends to fade as our face naturally produces oil. By using Mai Couture products, you will be removing excess oil, allowing your makeup to last much longer.

I have extremely oily skin with occasional breakouts. What products do you recommend?

We recommend using our salicylic acid papers twice a day to help reduce breakouts. Using our makeup papers will also help with future breakouts as you will be eliminating bacteria that accumulates on brushes.

I have sensitive skin. What products do you recommend?

Our products are great for sensitive skin as they are formulated without any harsh chemicals. All of our products are free of paraben, talc, and mineral oils.

Will the colors stain my fingers while applying?

There may be a little powder residue on your fingers but you can easily fold the paper in half and rub it off on the non-colored side.

What are the ingredients?

Foundation Powder Papier

Nadelholz Bleached Kraft Pulp, hemp pulp, mica, kaolin, iron oxides.

Highlighter Papier

Nadelholz Bleached Kraft Pulp, hemp pulp, mica, kaolin, iron oxides.

2-1 Blotting/ Bronzing Papier

Nadelholz Bleached Kraft Pulp, abaca pulp, pearl pigment, mica, ferric oxide

Blush Papier

Nadelholz Bleached Kraft Pulp, hemp pulp, mica, kaolin, iron oxides. May contain: titanium dioxide and tin oxide.

Shades Montecito and Studio City contains carmine.

Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Paper

Nadelholz Bleached Kraft Pulp, hemp pulp, calcium carbonate, bamboo charcoal

Vitamin C+E Blotting Paper

Bleached Kraft Pulp, hemp pulp, vitamin c, vitamin e

Rose Hip Oil Blotting Paper

Bleached Kraft Pulp, hemp pulp, rose hip oil

Salicylic Acid Papier

Softwood pulp, hemp pulp, kaolin, cornflour, salicylic

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