" These thin papers are coated with pigment. Choose bronzer, blush, or highlighter and just press against skin to deposit color."

“On-the-go primping just got easier. Press one of these blush sheets on the apples of your cheeks and- voila- an instant healthy glow!”

"Bring blotting papers to the beach, notes Osmond. We like the golden sheen from Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/ Bronzing Paper."

“Humidity increases your skin’s oil production. Hello, grasa! Carry these blotters to mattify. They contain refreshing lavender oil.”

Stash these pigmented sheets in your bag- just press them to your cheeks to perk up your skin!

 "PAPER ROUTE...Packing an evening bag is no mean feat, as anyone who’s ever tried to cram a smart phone, car keys, and lipstick into a tiny clutch knows. Mai Couture Blotting Face Papiers take up no space no more than folded dollar bills…"

"Powder flecked bronzing sheets offer control for precise application."

"Go for the Gold."

"Remove shine with these nifty lavender infused sheets."

Beauty Luxus

"Enhance your natural beauty with these pigmented color papers for cheeks. Housed in a chic navy and gold wallet, these paragon free blush papers have officially reached go-to status!"

"Beauty to go. In toiles Trio: Puder, Blush und Highlighter in Papierform."

"With Mai Couture’s innovative on-the-go beauty trend, blush papers, you can apply blush wherever, whenever."

“Instant Face Lift. Create definition and youthful glow with the Mai Couture Like A Diamond Trio.”

"Brand new and beautiful-Indulge in the best new beauty buy this season."

"Bronzing. Mit dem fein Bronze Puderpapier von Mai Couture tupt man sich Sonnenbraune ins Gesicht."

Where traditional blotting papers simply take away oil, Mai Couture paper also refresh skin with lavender oil and prevent blemishes using salicylic.

"Puder, Rouge, Lippenstift- da ist die Party-Clutch schell voll. Die Make-up-Papers von Mai Couture beheben das Problem."

"Why not use oil-absorbing sheets that also deposit a sheer dusting of bronze powder?"

"Cut down on tool time with multi-purpose products. Check out these two-in-one godsends."

"Mai Couture 2-in-1 Oil Blotting Bronzing Paper acts like a conventional blotting paper but adds a hint of shimmer and bronze color for a healthy glow."

"The secret to preventing a makeup meltdown is to blot away excess oil. In a pinch, a strip of paper torn off a toilet seat cover will work but who wants to carry one around? Try Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting Bronzing Paper…which also deposits a hint of bronzy shimmer as it soaks up the shine."

"Parabenfrei: Roughblatchenn von Mai Couture um, uber niche-beauty."

"A great way to apply makeup, this is a unique gift that won't end up forgotten in her bursting makeup drawer."

"Achieve the perfect air brushed complexion all year round."

"Diese cleveren Make-up Blättchen aus Papier sorgen nämlich dafür, dass wir Bronzer, Rouge und Highlighter stattdessen blitzscnell auftupfen konnen"

"Banish shine and add a little glow in one swipe."

"It’s impossible not to feel like a Victorian duchess when pressing this lightly powdered paper sheets onto the cheeks to create a soft-focus glow. A complete delight."

"Blush never looked this chic but it can now with these delicate papers."

"Our top 3 race clutch must-haves"


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