Top 3 MUA Tips To Looking Polished Without Adding Bulk To Your Bag

Germ-Free. Mess-Free. Oil-Free. Your makeup bag just got the most glamorous “make-under” yet! Learn How To Tap and Toss Like A Boss!

Looking flawless doesn’t have to be complicated. Mai Couture’s skin-enhancing, hygienic beauty line is the modern, lightweight approach to applying natural makeup and skincare on-the- go!

Read on to dish the unnecessary clutter in your makeup stash, and make room for the industry’s next-level, all-in- one beauty papers and some makeup artistry secrets!

Mai Tran, professional makeup artist and creator of cult-classic Mai Couture—the revolutionary makeup and skincare line—reveals her pro tips for getting healthy color on-the- go to instantly boost your complexion without the need for mess, bulk and unhygienic brushes.

BRONZE LIKE A BOSS. Eliminate excess oil while depositing enviable, sun-kissed color with Mai Couture’s 2-1 Blotting/Bronzing Papiers. Designed for novices and pros alike, caress your finger around the bronzed-colored side, then tap and roll to apply a hint of seamless bronze color to the entire face. Watch as your skin instantly starts to illuminate. To build additional color, simply add more pressure. Use the other side to blot—replacing heavy, cake-y powdering throughout the day.

DON’T SHINE, GLISTEN. Mai Couture’s Highlighting Papiers deliver that “lit-from- within” glow, while masking the shine we don’t want with the brand’s Vitamin C+E Blotting Papiers! Cast delicate luminosity at the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, on the cupid’s bow and the décolletage for a fresh, radiant glow! Mastering celebrity looks has never been this easy.





RIP FROM THE HEADLINES. Want to look like a celebrity in your own right? Rip, swipe and toss portable makeup papers for Insta-glam fame! Get insider access to an array of seductive shades with Mai Couture’s Starter Trio. Sample streak-free, paraben-free, talc-free blush, bronzing and highlight colors to create a multitude of day-to- night looks complete with shine-free coverage that looks like you, only better!

Sounds amazing, but how can mastering celebrity-inspired looks really be that easy?

Via thoughtful and hypoallergenic design, Mai Couture’s beauty sheets (known as Papiers) have revolutionized the way women apply makeup and maintain radiant skin. Harnessing the ancient Chinese secret of delicate papers saturated with color to paint the face, Mai Couture Papiers transform this Asian art form to help today’s women enhance their natural beauty with skin-benefiting cosmetics and concentrated, antimicrobial skincare at their fingertips.

Say goodbye to double-dipping into cruddy, old makeup—and hello to double-taps on your social feeds!

Efficient, effective and glamorous—Mai Couture is confidently re-defining the way women look and feel about personal beauty with its unique tear, apply and toss technology.

Taking the guess work out of beauty, the brand’s exquisite beauty papers deliver a more simplified and natural approach to radiant skin. Hand-designed by a professional makeup artist who battled oily skin, Mai Couture’s Papiers were created to deliver effortless glow, wearable color, subtle contour, remove excess oil, and eliminate blocked pores—empowering users to feel like artists themselves.

“I created MAI COUTURE as a way to help women enhance their natural beauty while maintaining healthy skin without sacrificing time.” —Mai Tran, CEO of Mai Couture

The elegant Papiers also eliminate the need for cleaning cosmetic brushes and the woes of carrying bulkier, messier traditional cosmetics. Mindful of active lifestyles, daily commutes, and today’s travel complexities—Mai Couture delivers streak-free, shine-free, glowing results—transforming not only the way we apply beauty products, but transport them.

Serving as a leader in the portable cosmetic category, Mai Couture is also at the forefront of combating skincare issues such as acne and anti-aging—providing effortless clearer, younger skin at the touch of a finger.

Each delicate Papier allows for beautiful color and skin-enhancing properties to effortlessly be applied by rubbing and tapping beauty papers directly onto the skin. With an array of formulations and complexion options to choose from, Mai Couture makes it easy to customize looks based on need, season and mood.

Reimagine the way you apply—and carry—beauty products! Blending is now a breeze with fail-proof foundation, powder, bronzing, blush and skincare solutions. Create an entire mobile look to enhance your natural beauty throughout the day like never before! Congratulations…now you know how-to tap and toss like a beauty boss!

How to Apply Mai Couture


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