Blotting Paper Beauty Hacks for Everyday

Blotting papers are great for easy on the go touch ups, however you can do much more with them! Utilize your blotting papers to their full potential. We’ve tested out a variety of beauty and non-beauty related hacks that will get you the most out of your blotting papers!

Clean your screen- 

Using your phone throughout the day can lead to oil, makeup and more accumulating on your screen. Simply take your Blotting Paper and swipe off the mess! Keeping your screen clean will also benefit your skin.

Enhance your makeup- 

If you use liquid foundation, BB Cream or a cream based blush- use your blotting paper to absorb any excess oil while leaving a matte finish. You could also blot your lips after applying lipstick to get rid of oil, then follow up by adding one more layer of lipstick for long lasting wear. This technique can also be used when applying eyeshadow to prevent oil build up and creasing.

Refresh your hair-

When there is no dry-shampoo to save the day, use blotting paper for quick oil absorbing touch ups. Just rub firmly on the scalp and see the oil absorb.  

There you have it! One magical sheet of blotting paper can be utilized in many ways. Get the most out of your blotting paper, the essential handbag must have for girls on the go!

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